Sepsis Antibiotic Guidelines


  • Develop hospital-specific antibiotic guidelines for use in treating patients with sepsis.
  • Establish a mechanism for reevaluating a patient’s antibiotic treatment and provide guidance regarding reassessment and de-escalation of antibiotic treatment when appropriate.


  • Timely and appropriate use of antibiotics is an essential element of treating sepsis.
  • Implementing an antimicrobial stewardship program is essential to prevent the inappropriate use of antibiotics. 

Example of Adult Sepsis Empiric Antibiotic Guidelines

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Empiric Antimicrobial Treatment Recommendations for Pediatric Severe Sepsis

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Example of Code Sepsis ABX Pocket Card

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Sepsis: Empiric Antibiotic Selection Pathway

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Best practices:

Pharmacy team helps improve process and align response to sepsis care

– Southcoast Health, New Bedford

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