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Pediatric Screening and Treatment


  • Adopt and implement an evidence-based screening tool and treatment protocol for pediatric patients in emergency departments that treat children.


  • More than 75,000 children are treated annually for sepsis in the US, with state mortality rates ranging from 10 to 20 percent.
  • Children with sepsis present differently from adults.
  • Most children go to general hospitals for emergency care.

Pediatric Septic Shock Trigger Tool

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Pediatric Septic Shock Guidelines

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Empiric Antimicrobial Treatment Recommendations for Pediatric Severe Sepsis

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Best practices:

Implementing sepsis protocols for all patients regardless of age

– Emerson Hospital, Concord

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Best practices:

Implementing an EHR-Embedded Electronic Pediatric Sepsis Screening Algorithm at Boston Children’s Hospital

– Boston Children's Hospital, Boston

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