The Betsy Lehman Center is a Massachusetts state agency that supports providers, patients and policymakers working together to advance the safety and quality of health care.
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Sepsis Awareness

Sepsis injures and kills tens of thousands of residents in our state every year. The Massachusetts Sepsis Consortium is working to change that.

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Patient Safety Navigator

Medical errors and other patient safety events take place in health care settings across Massachusetts every day, despite best intentions.

This site will help providers mount an effective response to adverse events in a timely and effective way.

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Re-Framing Patient Safety

THE CHALLENGE - A general lack of understanding of patient safety issues hampers efforts to gain a broad constituency for needed patient safety investment and policies.

THE RESEARCH - Two reports describe the ways in which people talk and think about patient safety, exposing implicit assumptions about the topic that can be used to "re-frame" public discourse about safety.

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Patient Safety Beat Newsletter

The Massachusetts Sepsis Consortium – a partnership of more than 30 health care-related organizations – will advance public awareness and the early detection and treatment of a condition that affects tens of thousands of Commonwealth residents every year.

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Upcoming Board Meeting

September 24, 2018

12:00 p.m.

501 Boylston Street, 5th Floor,

Boston, MA 02116

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