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Even though medical harm is prevalent nationwide, experts and advocates struggle to increase awareness about patient safety risks and  spark support for effective solutions. The Betsy Lehman Center is partnering with FrameWorks Institute – a D.C.-based nonprofit that uses research to shape public discourse on social and scientific issues – to change how people think and talk about this important public health issue. 

Key takeaways

This analysis helps explain why patient safety experts and advocates have not gotten as much attention and traction as needed to make sufficient strides in improving the safety of care in the U.S.

The media, as well as patient safety experts and advocates, can change the way they talk about this important health issue to build a broader constituency for a safer health care system.

Watch This: TEDx Talk

FrameWorks Institutes’ research methods for improving communication about complex, important public topics are both unique and effective. Hear FrameWorks’ CEO Nat Kendall-Taylor talk about how this research can improve public discourse.

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