Catalyzing a new conversation about patient safety

What we're doing: The Betsy Lehman Center is partnering with FrameWorks Institute – a D.C.-based nonprofit that uses research to shape public discourse on social and scientific issues – to change how people think about patient safety and talk about this important public health issue. 

Why we're doing it: Despite the fact that medical harm is prevalent nationwide, experts and advocates struggle to increase awareness about patient safety or spark support for effective solutions. Our two new reports explore the understandings and implicit assumptions that clinicians and the public have about patient safety, as well as how the media portrays medical error and influences public perception, behavior and dialogue.

What we found: Interesting findings among many suggest that patients and providers rely on pre-existing assumptions and understandings – or “cultural models” – about health care delivery, that clash with patient safety expertise.  And media stories about patient safety focus on reacting to adverse events, rather than preventing them from happening.

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What is The FrameWorks Institute?

The FrameWorks Institute advances the nonprofit sector’s communications capacity by pioneering new scholarly research for re-framing public discourse about social and scientific issues.

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