From statewide surveys, we know that medical error is a significant problem in Massachusetts. Our findings underscore the need to address the causes of error, set bold aims for reducing patient harm, and make patient safety a priority in every care setting in the state.

Key takeaways

The Public’s View on Medical Error in Massachusetts

Our statewide survey, by the Harvard School of Public Health, finds that a meaningful number of people experience medical errors, yet most don't think patient harm is a serious problem.

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Patient Safety in the Commonwealth

Experts describe risks to patient safety in Massachusetts and potential mitigation strategies.

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Adverse Event Reporting in MA and Other States

A study of adverse event reporting systems by the National Academy of State Health Policy found that while data collected by states are incomplete, they can be leveraged to inform initiatives and collaborative learning.

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Advisory Roundtables: Conversations about Patient Safety in MA

The Betsy Lehman Center spoke with doctors, patients, employers, insurers, health care administrators and others about their concerns, experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improving patient safety.

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