The majority of ICU families hesitate to raise concerns

New study finds that more than half of patients and families hesitate to raise safety concerns in the ICU.

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How basic steps can avert misidentification and prevent wrong patient procedures

Wrong patient procedure has occurred seven times in Massachusetts since the start of 2015, according to Department of Public Health records, and remains far too common nationwide. Since this is considered a “never event,” it remains the constant focus of medical professionals and patient safety advocates, including the ECRI Institute, which published a “deep dive” on the issue in August.

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Nearly 1,500 adverse events reported to the state last year

The 2015 statistics on Serious Reportable Events, just released by the Department of Public Health, show room for improvement, some notable achievements, and the need for more robust reporting.

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Anesthesia & Analgesia: Preventing Adverse Events in Cataract Surgery: Recommendations From a Massachusetts Expert Panel

Work by an expert panel convened by the Betsy Lehman Center to improve safety in cataract surgery was published by the leading journal, Anesthesia & Analgesia. Follow the link below to see the abstract.

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Boston Globe: Report faults cataract surgery errors

In recent years, more than two dozen Massachusetts patients have been victims of medical errors during cataract surgery — a wildly popular procedure that is now the most commonly performed operation in the country.

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State House News: Patient safety center report targets cataract surgery “never events”

A review of medical errors made during cataract surgeries in Massachusetts found cases where the wrong lens was implanted, anesthesia was incorrectly administered and procedures were performed on the wrong eye or wrong patient, prompting a call for new safety procedures.

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