Name tags go viral for safety

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Making sure you know the names of colleagues and patients—and they know yours—is a simple way to support patient safety and show respect for all members of the team. Two examples of grassroots efforts to exchange names have gone viral on social media.

British geriatrician Dr. Kate Granger started the #hellomynameis campaign following a hospital stay during which she was disheartened by the impersonal approach of her caregivers. The campaign’s message is that introducing oneself forges a human connection, is therapeutic and builds trust. In 2016, Kate died at the age of 34 from cancer, but the campaign continues, with nearly 13,000 followers on Twitter and the support of many organizations in the UK’s National Health Service. Supporters pledge to ask patients how they wish to be addressed, share their own names and wear a clearly visible name tag.

In Australia, Dr. Rob Hackett decided to write his name and role boldly on the front of his scrub cap to avoid confusion and delay during procedures. For the benefit of colleagues and patients, Hackett’s colleagues in Australia have joined him in using their caps as name tags. Now sporting its own hashtag, #TheatreCapChallenge has inspired people from all over the world to join the movement. 

How do you let patients, colleagues and others know your name? TAKE THE SURVEY!

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