Medical error and unexpected outcomes affect tens of thousands of Massachusetts patients and families each year, as well as the medical staff involved in these events. While many health care providers are working to reduce patient harm and improve the quality of care they deliver, few institutions have programs in place to support health care professionals in the aftermath of an adverse event.

Key takeaways

Health Care Organizations Join Peer Support Program Pilot

The Betsy Lehman Center is working with 15 hospitals and health systems to establish peer support networks tailored to their unique needs.

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Interview with Linda Kenney

Linda Kenney, Director of Peer Support Programs at the Betsy Lehman Center, became a leader in the field after experiencing an adverse medical event in 1999.

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Patient and Family Peer Support Network

The Betsy Lehman Center is also creating a network of support groups for patients and families in Massachusetts who have experienced an adverse event.

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