Making health care safer for patients

There is still a great deal to be learned about how to keep patients safe when undergoing complex medical procedures and accessing routine care. The Center has established a robust research agenda and is investing in activities that support providers, policymakers, and others dedicated to ensuring that health care in Massachusetts is as safe as possible for patients in all health care settings.


Working Together to Re-frame Patient Safety Discourse

The Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety has spent the last year working with The FrameWorks Institute to discover and understand these assumptions. We are now poised to continue the work by using that knowledge to develop new “frames,” or ways of talking about patient safety, to influence the way both patients and frontline providers approach this important aspect of health care quality.

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Cataract Brochure

A Call to Action for Safe and Reliable Cataract Surgery

An expert panel convened by the Center released an important new report highlighting key opportunities for improved practices in the more than 60,000 cataract surgeries that take place in the state each year. Relying on a unique set of data points, interviews, and analysis, the panel calls for added vigilance and systems improvements to avoid patient harm.

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Patient Safety Navigator: A New Tool for Providers

A unique online tool that will make it easier for Massachusetts health care providers – from hospitals to long-term care facilities – to understand, communicate about, and report adverse events in patient care is available now in beta.

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Chart For Surveying Patient Safety

Surveying the Patient Safety Landscape in Massachusetts

The Center commissioned three independent pieces of research that collectively answer questions about patient safety in Massachusetts: 

  • What has changed over the past two decades, and what are today’s key challenges and opportunities?
  • What are consumers’ attitudes toward patient safety? 
  • How does Massachusetts compare nationally on state policies and initiatives to measure and reduce medical harm?
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Pages From Blc Round Table Report

Betsy Lehman Center Advisory Roundtables: Conversations about Patient Safety in Massachusetts

The Betsy Lehman Center has spent time listening to doctors, patients, employers, insurers, health care administrators and others about their concerns, experiences, challenges, and suggestions for improvements when it comes to ensuring the safety of patients in community clinics, doctors' offices, hospitals, nursing homes and other places where they receive care.

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