Helpful resources and tools for taking action to improve patient safety

Here you’ll find a growing list of resources and tools developed by the Center and others dedicated to improving health care safety in Massachusetts and beyond. You can also use the filters at the bottom of the page to search for the resources most relevant to you.

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  • Patient Safety Navigator

    Patient Safety Navigator

    A unique online tool released by the Center makes it easier for Massachusetts health care providers – from hospitals to long-term care facilities – to understand, communicate about, and report adverse events in patient care is nearing completion.

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  • Finding quality health care

    Finding quality health care

    Tools to help you compare hospitals, nursing homes, and health care professionals.

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  • Patient safety data

    Patient safety data

    Patient safety data is limited, but what we do know suggests we have a good deal more to learn.

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  • RAND Report

    RAND Report

    A series of interviews by researchers at the RAND corporation, the renowned nonprofit policy think tank, revealed key risks to the safety of patients in our health care system.

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  • Be an informed patient

    Be an informed patient

    How to talk with your doctor, choose treatments, plan for end-of-life care, and get involved with your local hospital.

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  • Tools for safe cataract surgery

    Tools for safe cataract surgery

    A catalog of tools to help administrators and providers improve the safety of cataract surgery at their practices.

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  • Making Sense of Medical Error Death Reports

    Making Sense of Medical Error Death Reports

    What is behind the recent report has found that medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US?

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  • When something goes wrong

    When something goes wrong

    How to report medical errors or safety concerns, and where to find support after an event.

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  • Cataract Report

    Cataract Report

    An expert panel convened by the Center released an important report highlighting key opportunities for improved practices in the more than 60,000 cataract surgeries that take place in the state each year. Relying on a unique set of data points, interviews, and analysis, the panel calls for added vigilance and systems improvements to avoid patient harm.

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  • The Public's View of Medical Error

    The Public's View of Medical Error

    Almost 1 in 4 Massachusetts residents - or a person close to them - experienced a medical error, and that 59% of these incidents resulted in serious health consequences.

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